10 CSL players selected in 2021 MLB Draft

The College Summer League is very proud that in there were ten current and former players taken in the first Full-Length MLB Draft since the creation of the League. Among many benefits of playing in the CSL, the ability to be seen is near the top of the list. The CSL is hosted at Grand Park in Westfield, IN which is the largest sports complex in the country. With only 8 teams, games are played in one quad simultaneously. This gives players ample opportunities to be seen by college and professional scouts alike. Scouts have sung their praises about the league’s layout since they can walk in a circle and see four different games with teams packed full of talent. The alternative is driving miles at a time to various facilities to try to catch a game. This unique advantage lead to every MLB club being represented on a weekly basis in 2020 and so far in 2021. 

The players highlighted below took advantage of those opportunities in the best way! In only the second season of the CSL, ten players were drafted in the 2021 MLB Draft. We want to take a look back at each players’ time in the CSL and reflect on their career in Westfield. 


Pittsburgh Pirates

Round 1 Pick 1

Spent the 2020 summer in the CSL with the Tropics 

Davis played in 19 games, with 47 at bats. Hit .340 with 10 RBIs. He didn’t only impress with his power at the plate but also turned heads behind the dish. 

First 1:1 in the history of the CSL. 

Whatever figure Pittsburgh and Davis agree upon, he’ll immediately add one of the game’s most highly regarded catching prospects to a Pirates system that second-year GM Ben Cherington and his front office are rapidly working to rebuild. Davis is lauded for his blend of hit tool, excellent power and plus or plus-plus arm strength. FanGraphs’ Eric Longenhagen calls him a “rare offensive talent for a backstop.”

-Steve Davis MLB Trade Rumors

Sam Bachman

Los Angeles Angels

Round 1 Pick 9

Spent the 2020 summer in the CSL with the Local Legends and got the nod for the CSL All-Star game and threw for the Stripes 

Bachman went a perfect 5-0 in the CSL, striking out 18 and only allowing 2 extra base hits and 5 runs

And like Detmers, Bachman profiles as a prospect who could potentially have a short track to the big leagues, throwing a fastball over 100 mph that generates natural movement, a “gyroscopic” slider that can put batters away or force them to put the ball on the ground, and an ever-improving changeup that could be critical to his long-term development.

“He’s a really nice advanced blend of power and finesse,” Angels scouting director Matt Swanson said. “A very special young man.”

– Jack Harris LA Times

Chayce McDermott

Houston Astros

Round 4 Pick 132

Spent the 2020 summer in the CSL with the Local Legends and got the nod for the CSL All-Star game and threw for the Stars

McDermott took the hill as a starter in 7 game last season and dominated in each outing. Only allowing 5 hits, 12 walks; striking out 37 and hitters had a batting average of .102 against him 

“He’s going to get every opportunity to prove that he can pitch at the next level, and that’s all he wanted,” said Maloney, who noted McDermott could have been drafted earlier but would have had to accept less money from a team to do so. “He wanted an opportunity to showcase his skill and give him a chance, and when you’re a high pick like that … you’re going to be given a lot of opportunity.”

– Jordan Guskey The Star Press

Luke Albright

Arizona Diamondbacks

Round 6 Pick 168

Spent the 2020 summer in the CSL with the Local Legends 

Albright struck out 15 in in just four appearances in the CSL and hitters had a batting average of .120 when facing the Local Legends starter

Spencer Packard

Seattle Mariners

Round 9 Pick 264

Spent the first half of the 2021 season with the Trifectom Tropics and got the nod for the 2021 CSL All-Star game and played for the Stripes 

Packard was terrorizing pitchers in the first half of the CSL, hitting .488 with 7 extra base hits, 9 RBIs and only struck out 4 times 

Fun Fact: Spencer was playing in a CSL game when he was drafted 

Tommy Sommer

Chicago White Sox

Round 10 Pick 305

Spent the 2020 summer in the CSL with the Local Legends and got the nod for the CSL All-Star game and threw for the Stars. He also made a start for the Trifectom Tropics in the 2021 summer. 

Sommer, in 9 appearances, caused issues for hitters throughout his CSL career. Striking out 40 and only allowing 25 hits in 129 At Bats. 

Riley Tirotta

Toronto Blue Jays

Round 12 Pick 362

Spent the 2020 summer in the CSL with the Snapping Turtles.

Tirotta proved to be a tough out in the CSL last year with the ability to hit to all fields. Looking through his at bats, it is easy to notice that he seems to aways be ahead in the count which led to a lot of fastballs late in the count. Tirotta hit just over .300 with 10 Hits.  

Glenn Albanese

Los Angeles Angels

Round 15 Pick 441

Spent the first half of the 2021 season with the Chatham Hills Turf Monsters.

Albanese was a main attraction in the CSL in the first half of 2021, attracting the eyes of all MLB scouts in his three starts. In those three starts, he had an average fastball velocity of 92.8 and showed a devastating off-speed that had a swing and miss percentage of 53.3%

Cole Barr

Seattle Mariners

Round 15 Pick 444

Spent the 2020 summer with the A-Team and made the move to the Community First Moon Shots for the 2021 season. He also got the CSL All-Star game nomination both seasons, playing for the Stars

His career average in the CSL was .324, with 12 extra base hits, 2 home runs, and 20 RBIs

Grant Richardson

New York Yankees

Round 17 Pick 513

Spent the 2020 summer in the CSL with the A-Team and was nominated for the 2020 CSL All-Star game. 

Richardson was coming off of a hot (but shortened) sophomore campaign at IU and he didn’t slow down in the CSL. In a shortened season, he had 4 extra base hits and had an OPS of .746.